Terms of sale

A set of terms and conditions have been developed with a view to ensuring the quality, excellence and sustainability of Evolis business park. A number of these conditions are statutory. Others have been laid down by Leiedal on the basis of its extensive experience in the development of business parks.


The most important terms of sale pertain to:

  • intended use and economic activity
  • obligations relating to construction and occupation
  • rights of first refusal and repurchase
  • site management
  • existing servitudes
  • outward appearance of the buildings
  • outward appearance of the surrounding area

For more information on the terms of sale, please contact +32 (0)56 24 16 26 or email info@evolisbusinesspark.be


A summary of the terms of sale and planning regulations can be consulted here.


For a full set of conditions and terms, please contact us.