Setting up at Evolis

Evolis is the perfect location for first-rate national and international cutting-edge companies that generate significant added value, are mainly active on the international market and provide a high level of high-grade employment.

Prices and availability

Leiedal strives towards the realisation of sustainable high-quality business parks at affordable prices. Plots at Evolis are available for sale at three different prices, depending on the visibility of the location.

The total saleable area at Evolis is 30 hectares (74 acres). The minimum surface area of the plots is 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres). Plots adjacent to the E17 European motorway have a minimal surface area of 1 hectare (2.4 acres).

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Conditions of establishment

With Evolis, the region has raised the bar compared to its other business parks. A rigorous selection is key if Evolis is to meet higher standards with regards to sustainability, quality and innovation.

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Terms of sale

A set of sales conditions guarantee the quality, excellence and sustainability of Evolis business park. A number of those conditions are statutory. Others were laid down by Leiedal on the basis of its extensive experience in the development of business parks.

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Do you have a question about Evolis? Please check our list of frequently asked questions for answers.