Park Management

Advanced park management serves a double purpose: to enhance and to guard over the sustainability and quality of the business park, and to attend to the common interests of the companies and the estate as a whole.

Park Manager

The Park Manager acts as a business liaison officer on behalf of the non-profit organisation Evolis. He will see to it that companies can consult with one another structurally on subjects and opportunities that are of interest to themselves and/or the entire park.

On behalf of the companies, the Park Manager also strives towards the ongoing preservation of the estate and provides, if need be, additional services.


NPO Evolis

Despite a positive overall effect, initiatives towards cooperation on business parks in actual practice often fail due to the lack of a legal basis providing security and clarity for the companies.

To tackle this problem, Leiedal established vzw Evolis, a non-profit organisation as a means to consult, cooperate and take joint initiatives. Every company on the estate is a member of the NPO. The founding members are on the board of directors.



A standard package of services ensures the joint management and maintenance of the public green, the car parks, the bike-commuting system and signposting. A complementary package of services can be arranged at the request of a majority of companies.



A variety of interesting facilities reinforce the sustainable character of Evolis business park.

The advanced park management aims to enhance the durability and quality of the estate.

Various broadband carriers have invested in a fiberglass network on Evolis, connecting the park to the highest level.

A bike-commuting system makes it easy for employees to reach the park in a durable manner.

Space is also reserved for comfort services such as a day nursery, a supermarket, ironing service etc.