Evolis as a Green Powerhouse

Green Power Plant

Over time, a green power plant will be built on Evolis. The plant’s residual heat will be connected to a hot water network, providing, for example, heating to the surrounding companies.

Traditional power plants deal with a fair amount of heat loss. In comparison, green power plants are much more efficient and, last but not least, constitute a significant drop in your power invoice.


Hot Water Network

Companies at Evolis can choose to connect to the hot water network, providing, for example, heating. Those who do, will see their power invoices drop dramatically.

Residual heat from the green power plant supplies the hot water network, increasing in its turn the plant’s efficiency: a win-win for the companies, the power plant and the environment.





Ecological Circuit

The eco circuit consists of:

  • a wet zone with small wetland wood
  • ponds and dry thicket
  • an old railway embankment with ecological ditch
  • wide green belts with wadis and buffer basins
  • a green bank along the E17 motorway

The ecological triangle, situated by the old railway embankment and the Keizerstraat, will be conserved and extended. The 6000 square meter area (1.48 acres) will have an ecological set-up. The maintenance of the green areas, trees and environmental zones is done jointly through the park management.