Sustainable park concept

Evolis is a paragon of quality and durability, both in design and management, with ecology and economy going hand in hand. Evolis boasts a superior spatial quality and is neatly woven into the urban structure.

Visual Quality

Visual quality is paramount at Evolis. The visual quality plan addresses, among other things:

  • the integration of Evolis in its surroundings
  • the visual quality of the public spaces
  • the presence of sightlines
  • the architectural quality of the buildings



Today, aspects such as ecology and sustainability are hot topics. Evolis shows just how ecology and economy can go hand in hand.

Ever since 2009, four iconic wind turbines (Electrawinds) produce plenty of green energy.

The ecological circuit at Evolis integrates and reinforces existing landmarks and valuable environmental elements.

Please find an overview of the foremost ecological attributes here.




Primarily, Evolis is a business park, offering space to (industrial) companies.

Evolis focusses on a number of leading-edge sectors, yet equally welcomes companies not pertaining to those sectors.

Please find an overview of the foremost economic attributes here.


Social Aspects

Evolis devotes particular attention to matters like road traffic safety, easy bicycle connections, common use of infrastructure, fluid mobility an open and clear communication towards the businesses and local residents.

Please find an overview of the foremost social attributes here.