The park

Evolis is a leading-edge, high-quality and sustainable business park for entrepreneurs with a vision and ample growth projections. Evolis is all about visual quality, integration into the urban structure, ecology and advanced park management. The park is situated along the E17 motorway in the Kortrijk region, by the French border: a dynamic region bursting with creativity.

Flanders' Smartest Business Park

Evolis was awarded by the Flemish government as the reference for business parks in Flanders.

“There was a need for a high-quality example in the field and a reference for the design, construction and management of Flemish business parks.” – Economy Secretary Fientje Moerman at the award ceremony in 2007.

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Ecology Meets Economy

Evolis boasts four monumental wind turbines producing durable energy. The iconic wind mills flank the busy E17 international motorway and offer 30 million drivers per year an inspiring view on a cleaner future.

The ecological circuit on the grounds integrates and reinforces valuable landscape elements.

Evolis shows just how ecology and economy can go hand in hand.


Space for Entrepreneurs with a Vision

The Kortrijk region has opted to fill in Evolis selectively. It is therefore only home to innovative companies that generate a substantial added value, with a strong international emphasis and a high level of high-grade employment.

Companies at Evolis can be sure to be part of a vanguard environment encouraging progressive thinking, innovation and creative solution seeking.


A Prime Location

Evolis is located in the Kortrijk region, one of the most dynamic regions in Belgium, at the very heart of the EU’s economic core. The business park is conveniently situated along major international access roads and is the perfect portal to the Franco-Belgian Kortrijk-Lille-Tournai Eurometropolis.

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